HICCUP, asleep, his head on a pillow. Healing scars on his

          face show that maybe a week or two have passed.

          Toothless hovers over him, WHINING and GRUMBLING impatiently.

          Hiccup stirs. Opens his eyes.



                                       Oh, hey Toothless.

          Toothless excitedly nuzzles and nudges Hiccup.

                                       HICCUP (CONT’D)

                            Okay, okay! I’m happy to see you

                                       too, bud. Now just

          Toothless steps on his groin, causing Hiccup to sit BOLT

          UPRIGHT with a YELP.

          He looks around, confounded. He’s in his bed, moved beside

          the fire pit on the main floor of his house.

                                       HICCUP (CONT’D)

                                         I’m in my house.

                                   (re: Toothless, leaning

                                       over him, excited)

                                      You’re in my house.

          Toothless TEARS around the room, knocking things over, far

          too big for the space.

                                       HICCUP (CONT’D)

                           Uh…does my dad know you’re in


          Toothless pauses at the foot of the bed, tongue wagging. He

          eyes the rafters… and LEAPS UP onto them, brimming with

          'happy dog' energy.

                                       HICCUP (CONT’D)


                           Okay, okay — no Toothless! Aw,

                                             come on

          Hiccup shifts to get out of bed… then pauses… sensing

          that something is wrong.

          He peels back the covers slowly. What he sees startles,

          horrifies, and overwhelms him — all at once.


          His booted foot touches down. Followed by a mechanical

          prosthetic in place of his second leg. It’s an ingenious

          spring-loaded replacement, made of wood and iron.

          Toothless lands by the bed and approaches calmly, sniffing

          the new leg. He raises his eyes to meet Hiccup’s, seemingly

          aware of what Hiccup is going through.

          Hiccup braces himself on the bedpost and tries to stand on

          it. He winces and stifles the pain

                                       HICCUP (CONT’D)


         but STUMBLES with the first step. Toothless catches

          Hiccup’s fall with his head… and slowly lifts him up,

          stabilizing him.

                                       HICCUP (CONT’D)

                                           Thanks bud.

          Hiccup leans on him like a crutch. They take a few steps



          Their missing parts form a poetic silhouette as they make

          their way toward the door.

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